GXP2130/2140/2160 IP Phone

Can I pair my iPhone with GXP2140/GXP2160 via Bluetooth?

Yes, GXP2140/GXP2160 is compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, and iPhone 5s. You can connect your mobile phone to the GXP phone using Bluetooth hands-free mode. Note: The original GA firmware only supports connection to Bluetooth headsets. The current Beta supports both Bluetooth headsets and Bluetooth phones (one at a time).

How does “Secondary SIP Server” work when configured with “SIP Server” under Web GUI -> Account Settings?

The “Secondary SIP Server” field for GXP2130/GXP2140/GXP2160 includes the URL or IP address of a secondary SIP server. This option is related to the phone’s failover feature. When this field is configured, the phone sends registration requests and subscription messages (except for message waiting) to both the “SIP Server” and “Secondary SIP Server” for the same account. During a call, the phone will use the registered primary “SIP Server” first. If the primary “SIP Server” is not available, the registered “Secondary SIP Server” will be used. If the primary “SIP Server” is not registered but the “Secondary SIP Server” is registered, the phone will use the “Secondary SIP Server” directly. Note: Please avoid configuring repeated SIP Server addresses in “SIP Server” and “Secondary SIP Server”.

Can I customize the wallpaper on GXP2130/GXP2140/GXP2160?

Yes, you can upload your customized wallpaper file by going to GXP phone’s Web GUI -> Settings -> LCD Display -> Wallpaper. There are 3 ways to upload the wallpaper file. One way is to set “Wallpaper Source” to “Download” and enter your file server path in “Wallpaper Server Path”. When you reboot, the phone will look for wallpaper.jpg or wallpaper.jpeg from the file server. You can also upload the wallpaper from a local directory or USB root directory. For more details, please refer to the Administration Guide of the phones.

Can I use Apple AirPods as Bluetooth headsets with GXP2130/2135/2140/2160/2170?

GXP2130/2135/2140/2160/2170 supports Bluetooth, but AirPods are not compatible as Bluetooth headsets.

Does GXP2130/2140/2160 support Bluetooth?

GXP2130v2/GXP2140/GXP2160 supports Bluetooth.

How can I create an XML configuration file for GXP2130/GXP2140/GXP2160?

Users can provision GXP2130/GXP2140/GXP2160 using an XML format file, in addition to using the configuration tool and template or configuration utility. Users need to create an xml file cfgxxxxxxxxxxxx.xml (where xxxxxxxxxxxx is the MAC address of the phone) using the P values in the configuration template. For an example XML configuration file, refer to the document in this link.

How can I make a direct IP call on GXP2130/GXP2140/GXP2160?

While the phone is idle, press any digit key or * to bring up the “Dial Without Lifting Handset” screen;
Press the round menu key or “DirectIP” soft key;
Enter the target IP address;
Press the “OK” soft key to make the call.

How can I enable/disable DND (Do Not Disturb)?

There are two ways to enable/disable DND on GXP2130/GXP2140/GXP2160:

In the GXP phone’s LCD menu -> Preferences, highlight “Do Not Disturb” and press the left/right arrow key to select “Enable DND” or “Disable DND”.
In GXP2130/GXP2140/GXP2160 Web GUI -> Settings -> Call Features, set “Silence Key Functions During Idle” to “DND” and click “Save and Apply”. Then go to the phone’s keypad and press the MUTE button to enable/disable DND.

How can I upgrade to a new manufacturer firmware version?

There are several ways to perform a device firmware upgrade on GXP2130/GXP2140/GXP2160:

From the Grandstream manufacturer’s server. You can directly upgrade GXP2130/GXP2140/GXP2160 to the latest official firmware version using the Grandstream product firmware server over HTTP. Redirect your GXP2130/GXP2140/GXP2160 to firmware.grandstream.com and choose the HTTP upgrade method and then reboot.
Upgrade GXP2130/GXP2140/GXP2160 via HTTP/TFTP/HTTPS. Place the downloaded manufacturer firmware file on an HTTP/TFTP/HTTPS server. Then redirect your GXP2130/GXP2140/GXP2160 to the appropriate server address for the upgrade.

How do I configure the “eventlist BLF” feature?

To configure a “eventlist BLF” URI, you need to set it up on your server side if the server supports it (e.g., [email protected]). Then on the GXP phone’s Web GUI -> Account X -> SIP Settings -> Advanced Features, fill in the “eventlist BLF URI” field with the URI (without the domain). Finally, in the Web GUI under Settings -> Programmable Keys -> Line Keys X or Multi-Purpose Key X, select “eventlist BLF” for the Key Mode and specify Account, Description, and Value.

How can I use on-boot provisioning without rebooting?

After configuring the provisioning server, you can start provisioning immediately by going to GXP2130/GXP2140/GXP2160 LCD Menu -> System -> Upgrade and selecting “Start Provisioning”.

Does GXP2130/GXP2140/GXP2160 have any keypad shortcuts?

Since version, GXP2130/GXP2140/GXP2160 supports the following keypad shortcuts:

UP: Press the UP arrow key on an idle screen to display your phone’s IP.
HOLD + RIGHT: When the phone is on an idle screen, press the HOLD button and then the RIGHT arrow key to start the provisioning process.
HOLD + LEFT: When the phone is on an idle screen, press the HOLD button and then the LEFT arrow key to trigger a firmware upgrade.

Why does my GXP2140/GXP2160 show “IP UNAVAILABLE” even though the network is connected?

If you are seeing “IP UNAVAILABLE” on GXP2140/GXP2160 even when it’s connected to the network, you need to make sure the phone gets an IP address and is properly connected to the network. Additionally, there might be an IP conflict on the LAN. In such a case, the phone might not be able to acquire the correct IP. If the phone is on the network and still displaying this message, it’s possible that it’s having difficulty obtaining an IP from the DHCP server.

What are the Bluetooth features of GXP2140/GXP2160?

Users can use GXP2140/GXP2160 for the following applications via Bluetooth:

Bluetooth headset for communication, including answering and ending calls wirelessly;
Pairing and connection with a mobile phone;
Importing mobile phone contacts.

What are the features of GXP2130/2140/2160 wallpapers?

For GXP2130/40/60 wallpapers:

Wallpaper resolution is the same as the color screen resolution. GXP2130: 320×240; GXP2140/60: 480×272.
In version or higher, if your image resolution is different from the display resolution, the phone will rescale the image to fit the screen without considering the aspect ratio.
Color Depth: 16-bit. If the image is in 24-bit color depth, the phone will convert it to 16-bit for display.
Maximum File Size: 500 KB
Supported Formats: jpg and jpeg

What Bluetooth Class does GXP2140/GXP2160 support?

GXP2140/GXP2160 supports Bluetooth Class 2, which means:

Maximum power allowed: 2.5 mW, 4 dBm
Range: ~10 m

What file format does GXP2130/GXP2140/GXP2160 support for wallpapers?

GXP2130/GXP2140/GXP2160 supports .jpg and .jpeg formats for wallpapers.

When my mobile phone is connected to GXP2140/GXP2160 via Bluetooth hands-free mode, can I receive incoming calls from the GXP phone on my mobile phone?

No, your mobile phone cannot act as a Bluetooth headset. When your mobile phone is connected to GXP2140/GXP2160 via Bluetooth hands-free mode, you can answer/terminate calls on the GXP phone using your mobile phone. Note: The original GA firmware only supports connection to Bluetooth headsets. The current Beta supports both Bluetooth headsets and Bluetooth phones (one at a time).

What version of Bluetooth does GXP2140/GXP2160 support?

GXP2140/GXP2160 supports Bluetooth version 2.1, which means:

Date rate: 3 Mbit/s
Maximum application throughput: 2.1 Mbit/s

Why am I receiving calls from unknown internal numbers, and how can I prevent these calls?

Since VoIP devices operate over an IP network, they are more susceptible to attacks. Whether it’s denial of service or attempts to use your services without permission. Calls from random internal lines that do not belong to your software keys could indicate an automatic scanner attempting to call gateway devices to make free calls charged to their owners. If this happens on your SIP Gateway, it is recommended to avoid forwarding port 5060, use an uncommon SIP port, or implement security measures on the SIP server side.

If this is happening on a Grandstream IP phone, users can reject calls from unauthenticated sources. For example, on GXP2130/40/60, go to the web interface, navigate to Account X -> SIP Settings -> Security Settings, and enable “Verify incoming invite” to reject unauthenticated calls.

Why can’t my GXP2130/GXP2140/GXP2160 device register to the SIP server?

First, ensure that the phone is connected to the network and has received an IP address. Then, check if the “Account Active” configuration in the Web GUI under Account Settings is set to “Yes”. Also, verify that the login credentials and SIP server details are correct. If the SIP server is incorrect, the phone can’t communicate for registration. If the login credentials are incorrect, the SIP server will reject the registration request. If all the above is correct, there might be a NAT traversal issue. If your GXP2130/GXP2140/GXP2160 is on a LAN and needs to register to a SIP server on a public IP, make sure to enable NAT traversal according to your network environment. If unsure, it’s recommended to enable the automatic NAT traversal feature by selecting “Auto”.

These translations cover the provided instructions and questions. If you have any further queries or need more assistance, feel free to ask.