Custom Ringtone FAQ

I’m experiencing an error like: “Unknown output file format for ‘ring1.ring’: unknown file type ‘ring’.”

Rename sox.solaris to sox
Execute the command as follows: ./sox xxx.mp3 ring1.ring
How can I load Ringtones onto my Grandstream phone?

Linux Version:

Since our phones will only use the format created by our tools, please use the provided Linux link. The usage of the tool is detailed in the README file. Note that only .wav files can be converted. If you have .mp3 files, they need to be converted to the .wav file format. You can find free online conversion tools. Each ringtone file cannot be larger than 100KB. We recommend each being less than 70KB. The BT100 phone can only have two ringtone files, and the GXP2000 can have 3 ringtone files.

Windows Version:

Please use the provided Windows link here. There are 8 steps to follow using the Ringtone Generator:

Load the ringtones onto a computer.
Save the file as a .wav file.
Choose the appropriate ringtone generator.
Open the .exe file and then select the ringtone file from your files (double click).
Click “Create Ringtone File.” A .bin file will be created in the folder with the .wav file.
Place the ring1/ring2/ring3.bin file under the HTTP/TFTP server.
Enter the HTTP/TFTP server IP address into the “Product Software Server Path” in the Advanced Settings page of the web user interface.
Just like when we do a firmware upgrade,
Click UPDATE and then REBOOT the device.
Afterward, the phone will connect to the HTTP/TFTP server and retrieve the ringtone file. Once the phone has downloaded the file, you can change the ringtone using the keypad or web UI. The configuration tool does not support .mp3 files.

Where can I download the Ringtone Generation Tool?

You can find the links to download the Linux version tool and the new Windows version Ringtone Generation tool below.

Ringtone Generator for Windows
Ringtone Generator for Linux

Where can I download the Sample Ringtone Package?

Users can download the sample ringtone package from the link HERE. Follow the instructions (steps 6-8) to load the sample ringtone onto the phone.