DP720/750 Series

Can I make a call from a mobile device using a different line without changing the default outgoing line?

Yes, you can make a call from a DP720 handset using a different configured line without changing the default outgoing line. To do this, please enter the number to be dialed directly on the keypad, then press the left selection key (Call). The available lines will be displayed, and you can choose which line to use for the call.

Can I change the displayed name of my DP720 handset?

You can change the name of a DP720 handset through the keypad menu by going to Settings -> Handset Name. Alternatively, if the handset is registered to a DP750 base station, you can change the name by going to DP750 WEB UI -> DECT -> General Settings -> Handset Settings -> Handset Name.

Can I check the SIP Registration status from the handset menu?

The SIP Registration status cannot be viewed directly from the DP720 handset. You need to check the Registration status through the DP750 web interface by going to Status -> Account Status -> SIP Registration.

Can I make calls between DP720 handsets without a SIP account?

Direct internal calls between DP720 handsets registered to the same DP750 base station are not supported. To make calls between them, you need to register each DP720 handset with a SIP account.

Can I make direct IP calls using DP720 handsets?

Direct IP calling allows two devices, such as a DP720 handset and another VoIP device, to communicate with each other without a SIP proxy. Both devices need to have public IP addresses or be on the same LAN with private IP addresses, or they should be connected via a router using port forwarding or DMZ. Users can initiate IP calls using star codes by following these steps: 1. Lift the handset and press the call button. 2. Dial *47 and then enter the target IP address. 3. Press “#” to initiate the call. If the target port is not specified, the default port 5060 will be used.

Can I use all available SIP accounts to make and receive calls from a single DP720 handset?

Yes, a DP720 handset can be used to make and receive calls from all SIP accounts (up to 10 SIP accounts) registered to the DP750 base station. You need to assign SIP accounts as lines for the DP720 handset through DP750 web interface -> DECT -> Line Settings. You can also configure incoming calls to be directed only to a specific DP720 handset and change the default outgoing line for outgoing calls through the keypad menu.

Can I power my DP750 base station through PoE?

Yes, the DP750 can be powered through PoE using IEEE 802.3af Class 1.

Can I register my handset to multiple DP750 base stations?

You can register a DP720 handset to up to 4 different DP750 base stations. To register a handset to an additional base station, access the Menu (left soft key or selection key), navigate to Settings -> Registration, and select Unregistered Base. Make sure to select the desired base station for registration.

Is it possible to load an XML phonebook onto specific DP720 handsets without sharing it?

You can load different XML phonebooks separately onto each registered DP720 handset without sharing among them. Access the DP750 Web User Interface, go to Phonebook -> Private Phonebook Settings, and import/export user-specific XML phonebooks for DP720 handsets individually.

Can I use a SIP Account and share it across all handsets?

All DP720 handsets registered to a DP750 base station can use the same SIP account and share it. You need to assign this account as a line to the DP720 handsets through the DP750 Web UI > DECT -> Line Settings and then use the intercom feature. DP750 offers different call group options under DECT -> SIP Account Settings to manage incoming calls among the handsets sharing the SIP account.

Does DP720 support roaming/handover between multiple DP750 base stations?

DP720 does not support roaming or handover. To switch between base stations, users need to manually initiate the switch by navigating to Menu -> Settings -> Registration -> Base Select.

Does Grandstream allow HTTPS provisioning with its internal certificate?

Yes, Grandstream allows HTTPS provisioning with its internal certificate. If the server requires a certificate for authentication, Grandstream devices can provide a self-signed internal certificate. For this feature, you can contact Grandstream Support for the GS Certificate.

How can I create an XML configuration file to provision my DP750 base station?

To create an XML configuration file for your DP750, you will need to use the configuration template and populate it with the appropriate values using the P values in the template (cfgxxxxxxxxxxxx.xml where xxxxxxxxxxxx is the MAC address of the phone). For an example XML configuration file, please refer to the XML Configuration Guide.

How can I enable/disable the DND option on my DP720 handset?

There are two ways to enable the DND feature on a DP720 handset. Users can enable DND by dialing the star code *78. To disable DND, dial the star code *79. Alternatively, navigate through the keypad menu to Call Settings -> Do Not Disturb and select the appropriate option for Enable/Disable.

How can I reset my DP720 handset to factory defaults?

You can reset a DP720 handset to its factory defaults by navigating through the keypad menu to System Settings -> Factory Reset and confirming with “Yes” (left programmable key). To cancel the reset, choose “No” instead.

How can I reset my DP750 base station to factory defaults?

To reset your DP750 base station to factory defaults, follow these steps: 1. Enter the IP address of the DP750 into a web browser to access its web user interface. 2. Enter the administrator password (default: admin). 3. Click on “Log In” to access the settings. 4. Click on the “Factory Reset” button in the upper right corner. Alternatively, you can reset the base station by inserting a pin or needle into the reset hole on the back of the device and holding it for about 7 seconds (the radio icon LEDs will start flashing to indicate the process).

How can I know which hardware firmware is installed on my DP720 handset?

You can check the hardware firmware version installed on your DP720 handset directly from the DP720 keypad menu by navigating to Status -> Handset Firmware.

How can I acquire the IP address of my DP750 base station?

You can obtain the IP address of your DP750 base station by accessing the status page from any registered DP720 handset through the keypad menu or by checking the IP settings on the DP750 itself.

How can I register my DP720 handset to the DP750 base station?

To register a DP720 handset to a DP750 base station, follow these steps: 1. On the DP750 base station, press and hold the Radio/Page button for 7 seconds until the radio icon starts flashing. Alternatively, you can access the DP750 WEB UI and click on “Register” to initiate the registration. 2. On the DP720 handset, press the Register button on the home screen if available, or navigate to Menu -> Settings -> Registration -> Register. 3. Choose the corresponding BaseX (X=1-4) for the desired base station and press Register. 4. The DP720 will search for nearby base stations and display the RFPI code and base station name of the found DP750. Select the displayed DP750 to match and confirm. 5. Enter the base station PIN (default is 0000) and press Register. The handset will then show “Registering” and will beep when successfully registered.

How can I upgrade the firmware of my DP750 base station or DP720 handset?

To upgrade the firmware of your DP750 base station or DP720 handset, follow these general steps: 1. Download the latest firmware from the Grandstream official website. 2. Access the web interface of your DP750 or DP720 using its IP address in a web browser. 3. Log in with the administrator password. 4. Navigate to the firmware upgrade section (usually under Maintenance or Upgrade). 5. Upload the downloaded firmware file and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the upgrade process. Make sure to consult the respective user manuals for detailed upgrade procedures and troubleshooting.

What is the maximum number of concurrent calls supported by DP750?

The DP750 base station supports up to 4 concurrent calls.

What is the maximum number of entries supported in the XML or LDAP phonebook?

The DP750 and DP720 support up to 2000 entries in the XML phonebook and up to 3000 entries in the LDAP phonebook.

What are the usage limits for DP750 and DP720 devices?

The DP750 base station can support up to 5 DP720 handsets and a total of 10 SIP accounts. Each DP720 handset can register to up to 4 different DP750 base stations, and each base station can register up to 5 handsets.

How can I lock the keypad of my DP720 handset and unlock it?

To lock the keypad of a DP720 handset, press and hold the “” key until the keypad is locked. To unlock, press and hold the “” key again until the keypad is unlocked.

How can I prevent ghost calls received via SIP accounts on DP750?

To prevent ghost calls, Grandstream suggests using secure SIP transport and upgrading to the latest firmware. Additionally, you can enable settings like “Accept SIP Requests from Proxy Only” under the SIP Settings section of the DP750 web UI.

How can I ensure the correct time on my DP720 handset?

To ensure the correct time on a DP720 handset, make sure that the DP750 base station’s time settings are accurately configured. The DP720 handset gets its time from the base station. You can set the base station’s time in the web UI under Maintenance -> Time and Date.

What are the supported frequency bands of DP750 and DP720?

The DP750 and DP720 devices support the following frequency bands: 1880-1900 MHz (Europe), 1920-1930 MHz (US), 1910-1920 MHz (Brazil).

What is the battery life of DP720?

The DP720 handset’s battery life can vary based on usage and environmental factors. Generally, the handset can offer several days of standby time and several hours of talk time on a full charge.

What are the differences between DP750 and DP720?

The DP750 is a DECT base station, while the DP720 is a DECT cordless handset. The DP750 supports up to 10 SIP accounts, PoE, and can handle up to 4 concurrent calls. The DP720 supports multiple lines, offers HD audio, and can be used with up to 4 different base stations.

What is the wireless range of DP750?

The DP750 base station has an indoor wireless range of up to 50 meters and an outdoor range of up to 300 meters under ideal conditions. However, the actual range can vary based on factors like walls, interference, and obstacles.

Which audio codecs are supported by DP750/DP720?

The DP750 and DP720 support various audio codecs, including G.711μ/a-law, G.723.1, G.729A/B, G.726-32, iLBC, Opus, and more. The supported codecs can vary based on firmware versions and configurations.

What languages are available on DP720?

The DP720 handset supports multiple languages, including but not limited to English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and more. The language settings can be adjusted through the handset’s menu.