VT5000 Corded Headset

The VT5000 is a lightweight wired professional earphone suitable for users who want super durability as well as excellent sound quality and comfort.

VT5000 professional phone headset:

As a professional call center headset, the VT5000 series headphones feature high-quality, cost-effective, built-in humanized hearing protection technology to protect your health, microphone output automatic gain with good system compatibility and excellent stereo capability to ensure you communicate smoothly.

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Kablolu Kulaklık

VT5000 QD Headset Compatibility

  • PLT or GN QD head is optional.
  • The smart line can match the different line string of most phones.
  • QD-RJ9 and QD-2.5mm wiring is used for desk phone
  • 3.5mm interface wiring is used for mobile phone
  • An interface cabling is used for the USB Computer

Corded Headset

VT5000 Features

  • Noise canceling microphone
  • Built-in hearing protection technology
  • Mic boom can be rotated 300 degrees
  • Clear stereo
  • Nano spray decorative surface
  • High quality leather earmuffs
  • Good system compatibility and matching