VT1000 USB Headset

Lightweight design, durable quality, but Better is committed to providing you with an overall unified communications solution.

The USB headset includes a standard USB-A type connector that can be connected to a PC, laptop or softphone.

Easy to use: This headset allows you to easily manage incoming calls from connected devices, and in-line control allows you to tap a button to mute and control the mute during a call.

Lightweight: The ultra-lightweight headband combines strength and durability with a stylish and modern design, maximizing comfort for all-day wear.

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VT1000 Call Center Headset

  • VT1000 super soft sponge ear pads include narrowband sound quality and the speaker is shockproof.
  • Noise-canceling clarity – With the help of noise-canceling microphones, you can easily hear your voice without having to speak loudly to the other party.


USB Computer Headset

  • VT1000 headset can be used with all Windows applications and softphones
  • In-line control allows you to control the volume or mute it without dropping the call
  • Lightweight design for all-day comfort