VT2000 Corded Headset

This is an affordable professional wired headset designed for cost-conscious call centers. It is durable and provides a good customer experience with every call.

VT2000 Communication Center Headset:

It has an ergonomically designed frame and soft foam earmuffs that isolate heat from the ears. The head clip and microphone boom can be adjusted according to your preference, providing comfort of use all day long. Solid craftsmanship makes it durable in a high performance call center environment.

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Corded Headset

VT2000 Headset Compatibility

  • PLT or GN QD head is optional.
  • The smart line can match the different line string of most phones.
  • QD-RJ9 and QD-2.5mm wiring is used for desk phone
  • 3.5mm interface wiring is used for mobile phone
  • An interface cabling is used for the USB Computer

Corded Headset

VT2000 Features

  • Mic head clip can be rotated 360 degrees
  • The number of boom turns can be more than 10,000 times
  • Built-in hearing protection technology
  • Teflon boom swivel pad, accurate positioning, high wear resistance, long service life
  • Comfortable sponge earmuffs and leather earmuffs are optional