Gigaset N870

It is designed to support all your employees with secure digital and wireless communication.

Thanks to its ease of installation from the smallest to the largest, the Gigaset N870 Multicell region supports all businesses of any size. It simplifies installations with its system setup feature in more than one region with roaming and transfer feature in conversations for your business. Branch installations using hundreds of multiple devices in large workplaces such as factories, hotels, hospitals or warehouses, thousands of employees can be contacted with a DECT


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  • Maximum 250 users
  • Up to 60 base stations and 60 simultaneous calls
  • Wireless handset update (SUOTA)
  • LEDs for status and power level control on the front
  • End-to-end call and data encryption
  • Configuration with automatic provisioning
  • uaCSTA support for CTI integration