Gigaset N670

Perfect wireless communication for all small and medium sized offices that can be expanded as needed.

Designed to serve small and medium-sized businesses, the N670 offers a VoIP solution for professional wireless communication. Right out of the box, the N670 is designed to work with all Gigaset professional handsets, supporting 20 simultaneous DECT handsets and supporting 8 simultaneous calls using all on-premise and cloud-based telephony services. For busier or larger locations, by upgrading to Multicell with license and additional DECT base stations, you can expand coverage, add more handsets and make more phone calls at the same time to flexibly meet your business needs.


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  • Up to 8 simultaneous calls
  • LDAP(S) phone book
  • Automatic provisioning configuration
  • Maximum 20 SIP accounts (up to 250 with License)
  • uaCSTA support for CTI integration
  • Centralized management of N670 units in different locations with N870 Integrator software
  • LEDs for status and power level control on the front