VTX100 Wired Headphone

VTX100, a high-end headphone series, high-definition sound, comfortable and durable structure, allows you to communicate with customers, focus and improve work efficiency.

  • HD Voice for Clear Communication
  • Ultra Noise Canceling Microphone
  • Microphone Boom: 300° adjustable
  • Super HD performance with a wide audio frequency range of 150~6.8kHz for communication and music listening
  • RJ09 – USB – 3.5mm Jack Input Compatible with QD (Quick Disconnect) Cable Output
  • Protects the user’s hearing with built-in hearing protection technology
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VT X100 QD Headphone Compatibility

  • PLT or GN QD is optional.
  • Smart line can match different line arrays of most phones.
  • QD-RJ9 and QD-2.5mm cabling is used for desktop phone
  • 3.5mm interface cabling is used for mobile phone
  • USB An interface cabling is used for the computer

Wired Headphone

Excellent Noise Reduction Performance

With the noise-reducing microphone, background noise can be effectively filtered. It is an ideal choice for call centers and open offices. It allows us to avoid interruptions and focus more on your work. Clear voice quality guarantees quality conversations with your customers. And it can take your service to the next level.

Super Wide Sound

HD stereo

Ultra Noise Canceling Microphone

Ultra Light Design

Product Advantages

It weighs only 58g per ear and 72g for both ears. Super lightweight design makes you feel light when you wear it and  wear it comfortably all day long.

High-quality call sound quality and super noise reduction microphone provide customers with a good calling experience.

Good performance makes this headset the choice of many high-end business people.

Product Application Scenarios