Get to Know the GRP2600 Entry Level IP Phone Series

Features, Capabilities and Setup Scenarios

The newest members of our GRP2600 series are affordable and powerful entry-level IP phones that can be positioned on the desktop for home and offices of all sizes. As part of the GRP Series IP Phones, these models are also equipped with untouched cloud system integration for mass deployment and easy management. Designed for businesses, service providers and other high-volume markets, with an emphasis on the basic needs of employees, the IP Phone series is an ideal choice for VoIP endpoints that are easy to use and install. In this blog post, we will briefly touch on the features, capabilities and setup scenarios of our new GRP2600 Entry level IP phones.

Advanced Features and Capabilities

Advanced features and capabilities are a good starting point when getting to know the GRP2600 series of entry-level IP phones. The GRP2600 series is designed not only to offer its superior features, price advantages, but also to facilitate installation and management of devices. Each device also has an optional PoE model, and the GRP2602 model also has the option of voice over Wi-Fi. All devices in the series support faster boot time, 4 context sensitive software switches, dual firmware image, OPUS codec, GDMS integration, noise shield technology, an electronic hook switch port, and enterprise-grade security.

IP phones of the entire series also vary according to SIP accounts, network ports and BLF / Speed dial keys.

The GRP2601 is a 2 SIP account, 2-line device and is designed as a desktop endpoint developed for low to medium call volumes. This device is also an excellent choice for common areas such as lounge rooms, dining halls and conference rooms where occasional phone use is required.

GRP2602 / P / W – For high and medium volume requirements, the GRP2602 offers 4 SIP accounts and 2 lines with a backlit display, dedicated hold key and 5-way conferencing. This desktop IP phone enhances a user’s ability to handle multiple incoming calls and stay productive throughout the workday. GRP2602W is a Wi-Fi enabled model.

GRP2603 / P – Taking a bigger step towards a medium to high call volume desktop, the GRP2603 offers 3 lines and 6 SIP accounts. Additionally, it adds Gigabit network ports for lightning-fast connectivity to the user’s desktop computer. This device is an ideal choice for users who spend most of their time at their desk and need a device that can support frequent calls.

GRP2604 / P – The final device in our basic IP phones, the GRP2604 adds 10 BLF / Speed Dial keys, providing a user better communication inside and outside the company. Users can create predefined destinations to quickly call, transfer and track their frequently-collaborating colleague extensions, as well as having frequently-dialed numbers that can be accessed at the push of a button.

Installation Scenarios

GRP2600 Series Entry level IP Phones have different installation scenarios due to their low cost and feature rich design. Below you can find solutions in different industries.


Small and medium-sized offices can use the new basic IP phone line as an affordable and effective communication option for users who do not need high-end desktop communication, or as an affordable option to equip all office staff with effective endpoints according to their needs. The series’ noise shield technology also helps to reduce background noise that can be found in a busy office setup. Finally, all devices support advanced telephony features such as 5-way conferencing, hold, transfer, forward, call parking and more that help increase an employee’s productivity.


Most setups in a school or university network will require a wide variety of phones with a superior feature price, so a solution can be both customizable and affordable. The GRP2600 series is a wide variety of devices that are perfect for classrooms, administrative offices and common areas. All devices support a replaceable faceplate for extra customization. Integration with GDMS (Grandstream Device Management System) allows larger and region-wide installations to be managed entirely from the cloud.


Municipalities need affordable and customized networks, and GRP entry-level IP phones are designed precisely for those needs. Cloud management, unified firmware on all devices, and Zero-Config capabilities of Grandstream UCM IP PBXs make it easy to scale and configure installations. Enterprise-grade security and encryption creates a secure network that helps secure sensitive information. Finally, 5-way conferencing on most models enables fast and easy collaboration between various departments.

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