Grandstream GDS3710

The GDS3710 is an HD Video Door System that tracks, manages and records access to any physical building while also serving as an IP surveillance camera and IP intercom. It offers powerful integration with other Grandstream solutions in order to offer a complete solution for access-control, video intercom and security monitoring.

GDS3710 is also a high definition IP surveillance camera that offers facility access control and security monitoring for all sizes of buildings and an IP Video Door System that serves as an IP intercom. This powerful IP Video Door System offers a 180-degree video viewing angle for wall-to-wall coverage, has a built-in RFID chip reader for secure keyless entry, includes an internal microphone and speaker to support intercom functionality, and offers alarms – for integration with existing security devices support input and alarm output. GDS3710 integrates with GDS Manager, the free management utility of Grandstream, allowing full management of RFID card information, video broadcasts and the device itself by this software. Compatible with ONVIF Profile S, GDS3710 can be integrated with any third party ONVIF compatible surveillance or recording solution. Powered by the Advanced Image Sensor Processor (ISS) and the latest image algorithms, GDS3710 offers 1080p FHD video resolutions and offers exceptional performance in all lighting conditions. It features SIP / VoIP technology with 2-way audio and video streaming feeds installed directly on smartphones, SIP endpoints and GDS management software. GDS3710 is equipped with integrated PoE for uninterrupted installation, bright LEDs for lighting, motion detector for security protection, lighting control switch and more. GDS3710 offers a complete solution for Grandstream’s GXP21xx IP phones, GXV video phones and Grandstream Wave mobile app combination for access control, video intercom and security needs.


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  • Powerful video resolutions up to 1080p
  • Built-in RFID chip reader for keyless entry
  • SIP video streaming to NVRs, video intercom stations, IP phones, or smart phones simultaneously
  • Built with a metal casing to make it weatherproof and vandal resistant
  • Built-in hemispheric camera allows for 180-degree wall-to wall coverage
  • Supports motion detection
  • Integrated PoE to power the device and provide a network connection
  • Built-in microphone and speaker offers voice options and intercom functionality
  • ONVIF Profile S compliant