VT CS61 Conference Speaker
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Portable mobile conference room facilitates high quality conference calls and makes business conversations more convenient.

1.  Immersive high definition call and music sound quality
2. 2 meters 360 degrees omnidirectional reception range
3. Full duplex high quality receiver with dual microphones
4. Online indicator circle to keep track of connection status
5. USB / Bluetooth Quick connection with computer, mobile phone, tablet
6. 8 touch keys, easy to operate
7. Portable design, can be carried with you


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  • High definition stereo sound provides you excellent calling and music effects.
  • Talk time is up to 15 hours and the distance can be up to 30 meters.
  • Suitable for 6-8 personal small meeting rooms

Conference Speaker


Bluetooth, USB A / C interface optional Computer, smartphone, tablet, free study Enjoy your call remotely, team meeting, home office, business meeting, anytime, anywhere

Hands Free Conference Phone

  • Portable USB and Bluetooth hands-free phone High-definition stereo, high-quality simultaneous calls and communication is worry-free, the mobile phone is connected by Bluetooth, the computer is quickly connected by USB or Dongle, touch type smart buttons, easy to use

Conference Speaker

Portable Hands Free Conference Card

  • Compatible with major major platforms
  • Filter out background noise, high efficiency office communication
  • Build your portable, home, outdoor, small meeting room anytime, anywhere
  • High definition stereo, watching movies, listening to music, the effect is also excellent