Key Benefits of Building a Mobility Solution

Key Benefits of Building a Mobility Solution

Grandstream mobility solutions enable companies to be more productive than ever before. Our product portfolio helps companies of all sizes increase productivity by mobilizing their networks. With the launch of the next generation DECT IP phones and our WP820 wireless Wi-Fi IP phone paired with GWN Access Points, it creates a powerful and unified mobile network solution.

Key Benefits:

Usage – Moving towards a mobility solution comes with benefits that increase the usefulness of any workplace environment. These advantages include the answering speed, push-to-talk feature, absence of cables, ring groups and long range coverage features found in both access points and Grandstream’s Wi-Fi and DECT wireless phones. Communication – Whether employees are remotely, in the field, or nationwide, using a mobile solution improves communication and connectivity between the business and its employees. A mobility solution allows communication to run freely outside of the employee’s normal desktop environment, ensuring that employees are not tied to a desk. Cost savings – Building a mobility solution can be beneficial and more cost effective compared to situations where ethernet cables can be expensive. With Grandstream mobility solutions, all you need is a power outlet. In this way, a cost-effective situation arises for every company.

Response Speed ​​- Increase response time in any work environment using the core features of Grandstream’s mobility solutions, so employees stay connected as they move around the business. With the push-to-talk feature, workers in the logistics industry, for example, can provide quick guidance while operating or controlling heavy machinery. Additionally, a Bluetooth headset can be connected to the WP820 or DECT series, allowing those working in a noisy environment to hear commands in real time. The GWN series allows employees to move through an environment with their device without having to return to the desktop to access a computer. Network Management – Thanks to GWN.Cloud and Grandstream’s Device Management System (GDMS), all of Grandstream’s mobility solutions can be managed through these platforms to provide organized endpoint management, and this firmware is always up to date.

Coverage – Grandstream mobility solution endpoints provide long-range coverage in the DECT series, Wi-Fi cordless telephony and Wi-Fi access points, allowing employees to go far away while staying connected. The DECT series with DP730 can reach up to 400 meters outdoors and 50 meters indoors with the DP752 base station. WP820 Wi-Fi Wireless IP Phone can work as far as the reach of the Wi-Fi connection paired with the GWN7610 Wi-Fi access point, users can reach up to 175 meters indoors, while the GWN7600LR can reach up to 300 meters outdoors.

Building a mobility solution is easier than ever, thanks to Grandstream’s product portfolio. Consider how these key benefits can improve the business or area you are overseeing. Note that a Grandstream mobility solution can improve functionality, communication, cost savings, network management and scope to create a powerful and unified mobile network solution.

See the mobility solution guide for more information.

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