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In our previous blog post, we wrote how the COVID-19 outbreak did not create new demand in the communication and collaboration market, but how it accelerated adaptation. Telecommuting is nothing new, it was a gradual trend before the pandemic accelerated it. At Grandstream, we realized the need for a solution that is as customizable and secure as the on-site device but also flexible as a remote cloud solution. The upcoming UCM6300 Ecosystem is a complete communication and collaboration solution package for onsite and remote installations. Integrators and IT teams will be able to create IP communication and collaboration solutions with Grandstream products that can seamlessly close geographic distances to connect all users within a company under a single network, regardless of their location.

Ecosystem Overview

The UCM6300 Ecosystem consists of four basic components: UCM6300 series IP Switchboards, UCM RemoteConnect, Wave and Grandstream Device Management System (GDMS). Before examining each part, it is important to understand what these parts can achieve when working together. The solution as a whole creates a hybrid communication platform where companies and their users can leverage a wide variety of collaboration tools to increase productivity and efficiency. All user and device organizations, both onsite and remote, can be easily brought together in one central unified collaboration network hosted on the UCM6300 series. These remote users connect to the UCM6300 via secure cloud-based NAT firewall traversal via UCM RemoteConnect. IT teams and solution integrators can also leverage UCM RemoteConnect to configure every aspect of the on-premises UCM6300 IP PBX completely from the cloud.

UCM RemoteConnect is accessed through our cloud-based device provisioning and management platform, Grandstream Device Management System (GDMS). As a result, each firm can create its own unique network for its operational needs. Hundreds of features in both UCM and other endpoint devices can be managed and configured through a single and secure online portal. The UCM6300 Ecosystem takes this a step further by providing powerful conferencing and collaboration tools accessible on desktop computers, mobile phones and more. This offers users a variety of ways to experience high-quality video conferencing with workplace or customers.

Now that we understand what the UCM6300 Ecosystem as a whole, let’s take a look at each component individually.


At the center of the whole solution lies the UCM6300 series IP PBX, the flagship of the ecosystem. The UCM6300 series is Grandstream’s new product line that will be new to our existing UCM communication and collaboration devices. The UCM6300 series is product line-specific as it provides a clearer device selection based on the total users and call density of an installation. On top of that, the UCM6300 devices are equipped with the ability to create virtual meeting spaces and conduct video conferences entirely via the UCM device. Within the UCM6300 Ecosystem, a UCM IP PBX acts as a connection point for all components of the ecosystem. Internals, devices, inbound and outbound routes, IVRs, call queues, device associations and hundreds of other functions reside in this compact and powerful device and truly function as the communication backbone of an organization.

UCM RemoteConnect

The second main component of the UCM6300 system is the UCM RemoteConnect. This cloud service accompanying a UCM6300 series IP PBX serves two main functions. First, network administrators can configure, edit and manage every feature of a UCM6300 device entirely from the cloud, using the UCM RemoteConnect. This is increasingly important for companies with multiple office locations and remote employees, all connected via a centralized UCM6300. RemoteConnect then provides automatic NAT firewall traversal that securely connects remote users with the IP PBX. With IT-friendly management and no-touch configuration, remote users only need to connect their devices to the internet to be connected to an organization’s communication and collaboration, providing a truly turnkey and hassle-free solution.

Grandstream Wave

Wave, a desktop and mobile application that provides remote voice and collaboration tools, is the third part of the UCM6300 Ecosystem. Wave offers an easy-to-use platform that colleagues can use to attend, schedule and organize meetings, calls and conferences remotely, from anywhere. In addition, the UCM6300 series allows users to access their extensions, access other extensions, landlines and mobile phone numbers via the corresponding IP PBX. Wave pairs via UCM RemoteConnect and securely connects a remote user to the company’s communication network wherever they are, using NAT firewall traversal. Wave goes beyond an ordinary softphone application by offering essential video conferencing tools and capabilities as well.

Grandstream Device Management System

GDMS, the last part of the UCM6300 Ecosystem, allows companies to provision, configure and manage all device installations entirely from the cloud. With this platform, companies can manage not only UCM6300 IP PBXs, but also endpoints and other devices. GDMS has an easy-to-use interface for organizing devices, sourcing, managing, monitoring and troubleshooting Grandstream products, and accessing firmware upgrades and statistical analysis. Devices are grouped by sites, groups or models, depending on network requirements. Finally, it supports TLS encryption and bi-directional certificate authentication and encryption of all device information.

UCM6300 IP PBX Virtual Tour

The UCM6300 Ecosystem combines a UCM6300 IP PBX, UCM RemoteConnect, Wave and Grandstream Device Management System (GDMS) to create a hybrid network solution. Onsite and remote users can all be connected to a single communication network, which helps increase productivity and keeps solutions modern and simple. As stated earlier in this blog post, the upcoming UCM6300 IP PBX is the flagship of the entire Ecosystem. We have a useful platform that you can take advantage of to take a virtual tour of our upcoming UCM6300 series.